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Some people are boring

For everyone else, there’s Life Choices.

What is life choices?

Squeeze inside jokes and hilarious banter out of your mates with ridiculous, toe-curling questions!

The game is simple. Each round one player reads a scenario with 2 horrible options. Everyone answers with either A or B, then everyone tries to justify their answer.

Hilarious banter is guaranteed every time!


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Why did we make such a twisted game?

People often ask us the story of how we came up with Life Choices, Well…

What do you do when you’re crammed into a Hyundai Excel for hours at a time with your best mate?

You get weird. 

When making the weekly pilgrimage down the coast on weekends, under the Western Australian sun. Our heroes played a cheeky game of “Would You Rather…” that sometimes lasted hours. 


After flying down the highway a dozen times, the questions got longer, deeper, and further apart. And the banter between questions grew into meaty debates.

“I reckon it’s worth eating an endangered Bald-headed Eagle to prevent Stephen Hawking being in a wheelchair” But it didn’t end there.

And so, 2 years later and a bunch of motivation and creativity, Life Choices was born.


  • Jodey Cornwall AvatarJodey Cornwall

    Such a great game. Played at New Years with friends had some heated discussions, loads of laughs and a fab time. So much more fun than other party games!! - 09/11/20 

    Alisha Holdem AvatarAlisha Holdem

    Very funny game, lots and lots of discussions and plenty of laughing fits. Great idea team! - 09/10/20 

    Pia L-Z AvatarPia L-Z

    - 09/10/20 

  • courtney Niesler Avatarcourtney Niesler

    Such a laugh whipping this game out over some drinks! - 09/10/20 

    Brody Butcher AvatarBrody Butcher

    Incredible idea, new way to fill in time and have a laugh. Absolutely hilarious reactions and responses! - 09/10/20 

    Lee Tolley AvatarLee Tolley

    - 09/10/20 


Life Choices is a boredom crushing ice-breaker that’s less “offensive” and more acceptable awkward fun. Like riding a carousel naked or wearing socks with thongs”

Of course you can!
9 out of 10 doctors say it’s healthy. I mean, it’s always better with a friend… And best played with 4 or more. We’re still talking about the game, right..?

Life Choices is a game of open discussions with friends new and old, because some issues can be sensitive to talk about.
Life Choices encourages exploration of subjects in a friendly light.
But if certain subjects are a no-go, simply remove the Life Choice card from the deck and burn it over a fire made of Bibles.

If you don’t have a sense of humour, we’ll refund you 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked.
Except maybe, “Need a hug?”

Life Choices is 90% answering questions, so it’s better if you do.
But if a question makes you feel like you’re naked in Times Square, skip it.
The idea is to have hilariously awkward conversations. Not uncomfortable ones.

We haven’t met a country we couldn’t deliver to.
Go on, try us.
*Itty bitty international extras apply outside of Australia and New Zealand.

We live in an Aussie monastery on a nondescript mountain top, contemplating the bigger Life Choices and mysteries of the Universe.

Like: What’s hairy on the outside
Soft and wet on the inside,
Starts with the letter C and ends with the letter T?

Answer: It’s coconut, you dirty pest.
If you thought something else, buy this game already.
It’s for you.

We’re *testing a more “extreme” version and some themed expansion packs to keep the game fresher than a snowball to the crotch tonsils. Sign up to our newsletter here for updates.

*No animals were harmed during testing. Not physically anyway.
* No crotch tonsils were harmed either.

There are 4 rulesets called:

I’m Too Shy
All game answers are anonymous. It’s like Cluedo and South Park got on the beers.

We’re All F*cked
WARNING: this ruleset demands nerves tougher than a two-dollar steak.
The roles reverse and the Card Ghandi answers alone while players guess your answer.

In short, all cards become an “I’m F*cked” card.
It’s like the United Nations of

Under Pressure
A quick game is a good game.
All rules are the same BUT… players only have 10 seconds to pick A or B.
No hiding. No indecision. Just Life Choices!

On the Fly
Grab the deck, start reading, and learn more about the folks around you.
The simplest, easiest way to break the ice and learn more than you wanted to know about your mates.

Hilarious banter, money back guarantee!

If you don’t have a sense of humour, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

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